"Inspired by London’s timeless heritage and class."

-Eman taha

Extraordinary living.

The name "London Gate" pays homage to the city of London, a radiant embodiment of modernity intertwined with a culturally rich past. This spirit is gracefully reflected in its architecture, skillfully merging the old with the new. It is the essence that London Gate brings to Dubai – developments with distinct characters that exude a lasting legacy, rendering them timeless.



Classic elegance meets Dubai's urban cityscape

Having established our reputation in other countries, we are now bringing London’s timeless elegance to Dubai’s vibrant urban tapestry, crafting a truly extraordinary living experience.

At a Glance

Unmatched craftsmanship and innovative designs.

What began as an ambitious vision in 2014 to create truly blissful living experiences is now being brought to life.

2000+ Units

In the pipeline




Like how you can instantly tell a Van Gogh from a Rembrandt, each of London Gate’s creations aim to be distinct while being truly seeped in the ethos.



Eman Taha


As a tribute to the city of London, we are introducing the concept of extraordinary living to Dubai. London Gate seamlessly weaves our ethos and values with modernity in our architectural masterpieces. Our reputation for craftsmanship, innovative designs, and unwavering commitment to quality resonates across Dubai. Each property reflects the legacy that defines London's essence. Just as each fingerprint holds uniqueness, our properties possess distinct identities, providing residents with a space that's
exclusively theirs in a world that often feels ordinary.

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The Muse

A city that has embraced modernity while preserving its rich past.


Adorning the path from Abbey and Parliament Square, statues of English and international figures stand as testaments to its heritage. On the one hand, these historical representations grace the cityscape, while on the other, the contemporary London Eye marks a triumph of modern engineering.


No wonder that explorers and writers have called it a “timeless and aristocratic” city, full of character and legacy.

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The name London Gate is a tribute to this great city. We aim to infuse these attributes into all our creations as we foray into Dubai’s vibrant real estate space.

Extraordinary living

We are the gateway to enabling residents to experience the best of both worlds: the timeless elegance of their homes amidst the vibrant urban tapestry of Dubai, resulting in a truly extraordinary living experience.

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Like how you can instantly tell a Van Gogh from a Rembrandt, each of our creations aim to be distinct while being truly seeped in the ethos.


Each of London Gate’s properties will have a distinct identity that’ll make it stand out from the rest.


From exterior facades to design aesthetics, everything will reflect timeless beauty and endurance. An amalgamation of classics with a touch of modernity.


Our developments will always be part of a vibrant and well-connected community, enabling residents to have a wholesome and holistic lifestyle.


A living space is not just brick and mortar. It’s much more in terms of emotional value. Your residences are the gateway to life’s exciting adventures.